LS-747B Anti Blue-Ray Flexible Hydrogel Film

LS-747B Anti Blue Screen Protective Film

• Perfect Anti-scratch – UTO REPAIR provides lasting protection from scratches and scuffs. The smooth surface of the privacy screen protector film helps reduce dust and fingerprints.
• Does not impair operation – The high-definition micro-louver optical technology applied in this HD view screen protector provides privacy while maintaining the original touch experience. The screen will appear dark when viewed from the side, but the content on the screen will still be visible.
• Anti-Scratch & Anti-Fingerprints – BTI oil is a plant-based oil that helps the screen protector stay smooth and clear. The oleophobic and hydrophobic properties of the film help to reduce fingerprint smudges and make the film easy to clean.
• Static cling adhesion – There are no bubbles because of the static cling adhesion. The matte finish surface will not allow for fingerprints or smudges and also reduces screen glare for your privacy.
• Privacy Protection – Perfect finger print protection keeps your screen safe from smudges and fingerprints. The semi-transparent design of this privacy screen protector allows you to see your screen clearly while protecting your privacy.
• Case Friendly and 2.5D Curved Round Edge Design – Edgescreen is case friendly and has 2.5D curved round edge design. InvisibleShield’s technology is 4 times stronger than the leading glass alternative, making it the No.1 Screen Protector Brand in the US.
• High-Sensitivity and No Darker – With high-definition and sensitivity, you can use your phone without any delay. The privacy screen protector also filters out 90% of UV rays, which can reduce eye fatigue and protect your eyesight.

重量 0.2 公斤
尺寸 12 × 8 厘米
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